The Engine

The Engine:


The heart of the engine is a PK 50 XLII HP crankcase with a 42mm rotary pad and a PL 170 crankshaft. This will be completed with a time honoured 133 cast iron Polini-kit with a MMW Malossi head machined to suid the pistoin, a three stud Polini rotary manifold, a 36mm Keihin PWK carb and a Ludwig & Scherer Feuerzauber exhaust..


The crankcase was welded left and right to to avoid breaking through when porting. It was then milled down to take care of possible distortion. As a side effect this also makes the sealing surface larger, which is not a bad thing. The crank was then pressed apart, inlet timing was corrected, the inlet halve was gasflowed, and the conrod was modified for better lubrication before everything went back together with a silver bearing. The barrel was then turned down at the top to adjust squish clearance and a base gasket was chosen to take care of transfer port timing. The last “port of call“ was the exhaust port, which was raised and widened to suite the pipe.


The goal is 22BHP, give or take 2. With Falc and the like ruling the field with 30 odd BHP available off the shelf this is hardly state of the art, in a smallframe it’s still ample and good fun to ride though. Enough to teach the odd TS kitted Lamby a lesson maybe, but certainly enough to put a smile on your face when you ride it. Wether this target will be met remains to be seen, the dyno will help to judge the result in the end.











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