GSF Christmas Charity Engine

The Engine goes to Mr. MG from Switzerland! Raffle NO. 285!





The 15th as the deadline for buying tickets is over. For those of you who offered to donate related to maximum power or peak power rpm of the engine: We'll publish the result within the next few days, so you'll soon know how much to get on its way, either by transfer or by Paypal. The total as per now is an amazing 4.812,57 Euro. Well done, I'd say.

The drawing will take place on the January, 26th in Champ's Shop, Westring 39, 46242 Bottrop. Champ has offerend to prepare "Glühwein" and other beverages and to donate the takings. So things will start at 11 o'clock, with the actual drawing taking place at noon.
We will try to organise a live stream on the website, but with computers being what they are this may not actually happen. Still we'll of course name the winner soon afterwards.
Thanks to all the people who have made this possible, to the people who donated parts and labour, and to those who joined the raffle. We really think this is something we all should be proud of,

Your Christmass-Engine Team



The idea for this charity-engine was born on the GSF. Some people decided to donate whatever parts they had while Ludwig & Scherer, builders of exhaust pipes, offered to do the tuning work. Jochen Undesser, Austrian Racing stalwart, volunteered to turn the heap of parts into an engine, built to the exacting standards his racing team background has tought him. Other’s have donated money straight away, or offered a „reward“ donation of one Euro for every Bhp the engine would make in the end, of for every 100 rpm at engine peak power. 

Find a list of these with their GSF nicknames below:


Component Name (GSF-Nick)    
Component Name (GSF-Nick)
 Motor mit Innereien  pxler und udo             
 Ansaugstutzen 3-Loch  undi
 Auspuff und  Bearbeitung            amazombi  Vergaser 36 PWK  pxler
 Kupplung XL 2  heizer  Schaltgabel/Seilzugaufnahme  udo
 Kupplungsbeläge XL 2  storma  Zündung  robe007
 Kupplungstuningteile  tittndidi  Polrad 20mm Konus  maik3009
 Zylinder  heizer  CDI  udo
 Zylinderspacer  foxracing  Zündkabel mit Stecker, Kerze  rita
 Kurbelwelle ETS  momo  Umrüstkit 1Zug/2Zug  vsr-regensburg
 Conversion Lager / Siri  pxler  Zylinderkopf (Mallossi für Polini)     salih
 Kupplungsdeckel XL  tboyrex  O-Ring Malle Kopf  snowmax
 Staubschutzblech  udo  Verstärkte Schaltklaue + Feder  scooterdoc
 Bremsereiteile  udo  XL2 Andruckplatte  maccoi
 Bremstrommel  udo  Repkit ohne Schrauben  spanier8877
 Dichtungssatz mit O-Ringe  pauter  Luftfilter  spanier8877
 Lager  pauter  PL170 Gangräder  bergfuchs
 Simerringe  pauter  XL2 Trennpilz  bergfuchs
 Lüfterradabdeckung  udo  Kopfbearbeitung  gravedigger
 Zylinderhaube  udo  Versandkosten  bluenote
 Runnerwelle  heizer  Kupplungshebel (einstellbar)  basti_mrp

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