The Raffle

The tickets are issued under the supervision of a notary, thus guaranteeing that the lottery is handled correctly in legal terms.

No, that's not true. In real life it's the next best thing: Stephan "Champ" Cempinsky, if not the godfather of German scootering than a good mate of his, editor of Classic Scooter Fanzine and Soulflat mastermind has volunteered (well, sort of, we didn't leave him a choice really) to be our lottery fairy. The whole thing will take place in his Classic Scooter Shop Bottrop, Westring 42, Bottrop. The tickets will bear numbers only, each number identical to the number of receipt of payment, so no chance for bribery.

All judicial proceedings are of course excluded. Please do keep in mind that there one ticket wins the engine. But the biggest winner will be the good cause. There will be no loosers, even those of us who do not win the engine will have done a good deed.

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